Kitchen Tips - Designing Your Kitchen

1 Budget

This is in important place to start. Having a budget in mind will allow you to shop around and get an idea of which companies are suitable.

You can take a look at our pricing guide here.

At Fable, we are happy to provide an approximate quote for you based on your floor plans, architects drawings or even a photo - just drop us an email at enquiries@fablekitchens.co.uk.

Dovetail drawer box

2 Choosing Your Designer

You will be working very closely with your designer throughout the project, so being happy with your choice early on can make all the difference when planning your dream kitchen. A quality kitchen designer should ask lots of questions, listen carefully and provide suggestions.

At Fable you will work personally with head designer and co-founder Andy. Andy has been designing kitchens for over 15 years for some of the country's most prestigious kitchen manufacturers.

We come to you at every stage of the process, as many times as you need us to.

To book a free home design consultation, please drop us an email at enquiries@fablekitchens.co.uk.

3 The Fine Details

Once the cabinetry style and layout is sorted, it is a good time to start focusing on the smaller things like paint, handles and worktops. There is a huge variety on offer and your choices here can dramatically influence the overall look of your kitchen.

A good kitchen designer should also be able to make suggestions that fit with the overall look that your are trying to achieve.

At Fable we work with a wide range of suppliers and can offer advice to fit any look or budget.

Kitchen Handles
Kitchen Floor Plan

4 Survey

It is always worth having your kitchen company complete a pre-installation survey of the space.

This allows any tweaks needed to the design to be done before it's too late.

At Fable we offer this service free of charge for all of our customers.

5 Making Your Bespoke Kitchen

Beware of words such as 'bespoke' and 'handmade'. Lots of kitchen companies use these words but it is worth asking a few questions to check. Would you consider kitchen cabinetry mass-produced on a production line as bespoke, just because you got to choose the colour?

Our kitchens are handmade to order in our workshop in the Cotswolds. We encourage our customers to come and meet the team before or during the process of bringing their kitchen to life.

Our lead times are approximately 12 weeks but if you need something more quickly then just let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Handmade Shaker Kitchen

6 Installing Your Kitchen

We would always recommend using specialist kitchen fitters to install your kitchen. No matter how good the quality of the cabinetry is, there are often small adjustments that need to be made on the go. Particularly if your walls are not totally straight or your floors not totally flat.

At Fable, the same carpenters that make your kitchen are the ones to come and fit it.